Station Status Update

We’ve been running non-stop for a week now, checking the play frequency of the songs in the airplay format.  It’s really eight different three-hour format blocks,  the clock’s “hour hand” moving into a new Earth Region block to coincide with that region’s peak personal internet hours, from 6-9pm. Approximately three-quarters of the format is the same mix whatever the block, for station consistency. The remaining three or four songs per hour are made up of extra new and classic tracks from the focus region.


Here are the regions, nailed down for Pacific Time, since that’s where we are terrestrially.   It’s mostly irrelevant since the clock-wheel stays stationary while the Earth turns under it, but it has to be listed for somewhere, so Pacific Time it is.

  • Midnight to 3am
    Oceania: Hawaii and the ‘Nesias, New Zealand, Australia
  • 3am-6am
    Oriental: Japan, Korea with Australia lingering as well
  • 6am-9am
    India:  Mostly Bollywood, because that’s the bulk of the Indian Charts
  • 9am-Noon
    AAA: Africa, Arabic and the Aegean with Russia and the Baltics overlapped
  • Noon-3pm
    Europe:  The original core format, but with added Euro-focus classics and new tracks
  • 3pm-6pm
    Latin: Spain, Portugal, Latin America overlapped with the Caribbean
  • 6pm-9pm
    Whirled Hits: The core format, everything all whirled up together, no added focus
  • 9pm-Midnight
    Space Station Tango: Here’s where you can hear the new tracks daily, with a twist

Feel free to leave comments if you listen. They’ll have to be moderated before they appear, but once added, you’re clear.


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